What is with the name Sideris?


Sideris is one of two LATIN root words which form the English word CONSIDER. We talk quite a bit about “considering” in this community because we believe that the honest consideration of the person and work of Jesus is in itself a true act of worship, even at the very earliest stages of consideration. So we celebrate anyone and everyone who participates in the lost art of “honest consideration” of life’s biggest questions, including who is Jesus and is his good news of salvation by grace through faith true.

Also, “SIDERIS” literally means “heavenly body.” The Bible frequently refers to the Church as “the body” of Christ. Those who follow Jesus make up the Church and collectively form a spiritual assembly or “body” which lives life together in particular ways that can (in their best moments) provide the world with a glimpse into the realities of what life is like in Heaven... which is to say, life lived in the full presence of the personal God of the Bible. As a local expression of the Church, we have a responsibility to Seattle, to be representatives of the glorious truths of a gospel-centered life and community found in Jesus. Although we will always fall short of this high calling, it is our desire to become the best portrait we can of Christ’s “heavenly body” living in Seattle WA and serving Christ’s mission.