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Near the Fremont - Wallingford - Green Lake Neighborhoods

Hamilton International Middle
Sundays @ 10AM

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Visiting a church for the first time can be an intimidating experience.
Here’s some details to help take off the edge.


We begin by singing a few songs to prepare our hearts and minds to hear God's word. Congregational singing has been practiced in the church for thousands of years as a way to unite the church body in truth and spirit.


Each Sunday we make room for a four-minute conversation where we can begin to know and be known by others we worship with. Conversation in general is really important to our mission as a community and this weekly rhythm helps us practice making the most of our conversations.


The Bible is our source for truth, wisdom and direction, so each week we sit in the Spirit under the authority of Scripture. Our primary mode of teaching is passage by passage through books of the Bible, with an occasional topical series to address pressing needs.


Following the Gospel message there is an extended time to respond in song, prayer, and communion. We practice the Lord’s Supper (bread & wine) every week because we need a regular and centering reminder of our shared hope in the finished work of Christ.




Our Kids Team is dedicated to providing a safe and fun space for children aged 6 months to 10 years to learn about Jesus and experience God’s love as they play and grow together. We engage in creative activities and gospel-based teaching each Sunday. If you would like your children to participate, look for the signs when you arrive!




Fantastic! This is a church for people from every denomination and religious background to join together in the open and honest consideration of the good news of grace found in Jesus. When we encounter the profound realities of God everyone should have big questions, so please don’t be shy. Our community hosts real conversation between people with diverse stories and experiences - welcome home.

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Sunday worship is just one part of being the church. Check out these other opportunities to learn, grow, be known, and know others in our community.


Who We Are



When we first began this church in 2015 we wanted to build a “community for considering.” Starting with five folks in Pastor David’s living room, we considered the Bible together and began to envision a community filled with others who are passionate about considering life’s biggest questions. But we asked: “What if our consideration was not for us? What if it led to us being transformed, equipped, and energized by the gospel, so that we could source life-changing conversations and relationships which lead to renewal in this city?”




(1) “Sideris” is the Latin root of the word “CONSIDER”

We talk a lot about considering in our community. We believe that sincere consideration is the beginning of worship. When we humbly remove ourselves from the center of knowledge and wisdom this creates space necessary to encounter God and His truth and wisdom. This movement from self-sourced truth to revelation-sourced truth will ultimately lead to life found in the person and work of Jesus Christ. That is why we must celebrate all manifestations of true consideration.

(2) “Sideris” literally translates to “HEAVENLY BODY”

The Bible reveals two profound truths about this little phrase “heavenly body.” First, we will one day experience a resurrection just like Jesus and have new “heavenly bodies” (1 Corinthians 15). What would change if we made our big decisions with that future realty in mind?

Second, the community of saints (the Church) is called “the body” of Christ (Romans 12). All who follow Jesus are connected to Jesus by faith and collectively form a spiritual assembly we call “the body.” At our best, the local church provides a glimpse of heaven’s hope, goodness, and joy to the watching world around. In this way the church is a heavenly body.



We believe church should be simple, biblical, gospel centered, and focused on Jesus.
Click below to read more about our church’s essential beliefs.



Starting with the historic events of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection, combined with a clear understanding of the implications of that good “gospel” news, we have developed 14 “Gospel as Life” principles which every Christian can practice each day to live into the theological vision of our community in Seattle.