March 17, 2007 marked the beginning of a long journey that would eventually lead to the birth of Sideris Church here in Seattle. While working as a CPA for Deloitte our founding Pastor, David Evanger, received the worst phone call of his life. On the other end of the line was his father who could barely manage to speak these three words: "Kim is Dead."

Kim was David's older sister (26 years old at the time) had been struck by a passing semi-truck while cycling with her husband Patrick. Kim was killed instantly.

Kim was the most magnetic, talented, charismatic, energetic person you would ever meet. How could God take her away from this earth so soon? How could this be part of his loving sovereign plan? It was St. Patrick’s day and David sat in the back alley of a sports bar wailing out to God in disbelief, shock, anger, and nearly despair.

Then, the moments that immediately followed can only be described as a supernatural intervention of God. In utter exhaustion David shuffled to the ground and sat with his back up against a chain-link fence. Suddenly, the hysteria and confusion were wiped away and his vision went white. The dismay was replaced with a type of clarity and peace that David had never experienced before in his 15 year walk with Christ. In this divine moment the Holy Spirit delivered a message to David from his sister. Kim asked David to take this message to her many friends who did not know of her faith in Christ as Savior: Tell them that they must consider the condition of their hearts, what they believed about God, and most importantly, to CONSIDER Jesus.” Kim went on to say: “Tell them: Don’t wait to start considering.”

This word “consider” was the center of a much longer message (view full video here) that David shared this at Kim’s memorial with over 1,500 people in attendance, including hundreds of Kim’s friends whom she had never had the chance to share Christ with.

In the years since her memorial God has continued to compel David and his family to share this simple but profound message of consider, including the Consider Concerts and The Consider Project — a city-wide movement striving to increase the consideration of life’s greatest concerns, including the person and gospel of Jesus Christ. This message was also the driving force that lead to the formation of this Sideris Church. Sideris is one of the Latin roots of the word consider, which in the Latin means “with heavenly body.”

We would love to have you join in this considering movement, helping facilitate for every human being in our city a genuine encounter with Jesus and a warm embrace of our God-given privilege and capacity to consider the transcendent truths of life, meaning, and the good news of grace found in Jesus Christ… as soon as possible!