Sideris Church employs a small staff and is further supported by a dedicated group of volunteer ministry leaders


David Evanger

Lead Pastor

My wife Allie and I both grew up in the Seattle area. I attended UW and Allie attended SPU. We both spent extended time living in other parts of the country, but we are PNW at our core. We have two young boys, Grayson and Owen, and we live right here in Fremont.

Why are you passionate about the local church? In 2007 after the sudden death on my sister Kim, I transitioned from a career in public accounting to pursue God’s call to a life of ministry (read more about this here). While attending Denver Seminary Allie and I experienced true gospel life while at new church start-up in urban Denver. As my MDiv studies were coming to a close Allie and I felt God’s nudge telling us: “This is what I want you to start in Seattle.”

Doing our best to listen, we followed God to Seattle and started a Bible study in our living room next to the Tutta Bellas in Wallingford. The groundwork for a new gospel-centered community was taking form. Since that time we have seen God do incredible things and Allie and I are humbled by each new step as we watch God use ordinary people like us to build his extraordinary kingdom here in the city we love.




Ryan Farrell


I was born and raised in the Denver area and met my wife, Christy, at the University of Colorado-Boulder. Upon completion of my physics degree, I attended Denver Seminary and worked at a church in downtown Denver. Christy and I spent 7 years living downtown where our daughters Lucy and Penny were both born.

During our time in Denver, God grew within us a desire to work hard to put new churches in the urban centers of the country. Dave, Allie, Christy and I were close friends in Denver and together we led several community groups. We knew that Dave and Allie always hoped that we might come out to Seattle to join them in leading a “church-sized” community group... Eventually, we caved!




Laura Merle

Women’s Theology & Care

My roots are in Argentina but my family has been in WA since 2004, and I’ve spent 7 years living in Seattle (but for two years with the Peace Corps in the Dominican Republic).

I got roped into the Sideris mission early on. Allie Evanger was my INN core group leader during my senior year at UW. I got to know her and Dave and hear all about the hopes and dreams for this new community while it was just starting up in their living room. I knew then that it was something special and that I wanted to be a part of it, so I dove in as soon as I could!

Why are you passionate about Women’s Theology & Care? I’m passionate about helping people feel known and cared for, especially as they experience hardship and seasons of transition. God has been showing me so much about His goodness and truth that radically challenges what the world has to say about identity, womanhood, and freedom. So I feel called to engage in these big conversations and continue considering them together.




Whitney Vines-Ottinger

Administration & Connection

I'm from Dallas, Texas, and I've been in Seattle for almost 4 years. My husband Patrick and I both work for Amazon where we met. When we first got married we were looking to find a new church and we heard about Sideris from an A-frame sign on the street. Sideris quickly became like family and the Lord graciously made it clear that this is where we belonged.

Why are you passionate about Connection? I have been a newcomer so many times! I've seen it done well and I've also felt troubled and lonely without care. I moved across the country by myself and I know what it's like to show up to a gathering for the first time. I can't wait to introduce myself to everyone and make everyone feel welcomed and cared for!




Jordan Lake

MUSIC & arts

I'm a native Seattleite. Born and raised here and went to University of Washington. Like so many things in most of our lives, I must give credit to my mother for the gospel life I’ve found at Sideris. She heard Pastor Dave preaching at her home church and she marched right up to him after the service to tell him she had a music-inclined son who lived in Seattle. The rest is history… Thanks Mom!

Why are you passionate about Music & Arts? I’ve loved music and art my whole life. When I first met Dave I was recording my second studio record. However, I had never used my gifts in the service of the gospel. Over the last four years I have learned that whether in the church or in the secular world, my gifts and the art that comes from them can point people to the glory and beauty of Christ. I’m always considering how to do that better and I’m enjoying all the learning along the way.




Megan Burroughs

Children & Families

I'm from Southern California (Chino Hills to be exact!) and I've been in Seattle since 2017. I found Sideris through friends of a friend - they knew I was moving to the Green Lake area and looking for a church and community I could call home, and after the first visit to Sideris I knew God was calling me here. 

Why are you passionate about Children & Families? I have always loved kids! I have been involved in other churches while living in California and I can't help but be involved with kids ministries wherever I am. It is a joy and honor to get to lead our kids team at Sideris and to share the word of God with these young lives and empower other leaders to do the same.




Lina Namkung

OUTREACH & Diversity

I was born and raised in Spanaway, WA and have been living in Seattle since 2007. Sideris became home for me during a bit of quarter-life-crisis and soul searching season. A google search and a nudge from God took me the rest of the way to seek and invest in a community that considers together.

Why are you passionate about Outreach & Diversity? God has granted me a set of circumstances and experiences in my life that has created a passion in my heart to continue conversation around the ways in which we form and nourish relationships with other people, the barriers that exist in our culture to pursuing these relationships, and what God ultimately desires for his Kingdom. I want to champion these conversations at Sideris and let the gospel do what it always does — reach out and create beautiful diversity in God’s world.





In addition to these leadership positions, our Consider Cohort leaders are a significant part of our team. You can read more about them by clicking below.