Every New Beginning Has a Story

Why We Consider

March 17, 2007 marked the beginning of a long journey that would eventually lead to the planting of Sideris Church in Seattle. While working as a CPA for Deloitte and Touche in Dallas, David Evanger received the worst phone call of his life while attending a St. Patrick's Day parade. On the other end of the line was David's father. Struggling for words, all he could manage was, "Kim is Dead."

Kim Evanger, David's older sister - the most amazing, energetic, magnetic, and talented person he had ever known - had been hit by a passing semi truck while cycling with her husband Patrick in Palm Springs. She was killed instantly.

The moments that followed this realization can only be described as a miracle. Instantly, the hysteria and confusion were wiped away and replaced by a clarity and peace David had never experienced before. Then God delivered to David a message and he heard the words of Kim. She needed him to deliver this message to her friends. She needed David to plead with them to "Consider" the condition of their hearts, what they believed about God, and most importantly, to really, truly, deeply CONSIDER JESUS.

In the years since first sharing this message at Kim's memorial in 2007, God asked David to keep sharing. These words continue to inspire, and we hope will lead many to join us in a fabulous reunion with Kim one day.